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"Save Time with MyEfaxMachine by not leaving your home or office to fax your documents"

No complicated machines to deal with at home or at the office.  Receive all important and private documents without the clutters.  All your documents  are safely stored in the cloud.  No more folders, desk organizers or file cabinets.


How Does eFaxMachine Work?

Using eFaxMachine is so EASY, I feel useless when writing following section.  


Using eFaxMachine is so EASY, I feel useless when writing this following section.  

How Does eFaxMachine Work?

Choose A PDF file & Simply

Send it to a Fax Number.


Receiving Fax
Uhhh..  You get a Fax & You can view it by clicking “VIEW”
SMS & Email Notifications
User Is notified of Receiving Fax Via Email & SMS on their Phone.

Do we still really need to fax documents?

Yes because a fax does not get hacked

In 2017,  Fax users grew by 13% more compared to 2016.   

That tells you one thing –   Fax Is NOT Dead.

In fact,  HIGH income businesses like Real Estate , Title Companies,  Law Firms, Government , Schools , Contactors STILL use fax as their prime communication method.


–  Old users are still using Fax

–  Customers still use Fax, so Business have no other choice

–  Government standard encourage fax usage

–  Users consider Fax more secure vs Email

–  Many companies are resistant to change

–  Offline business need fax but are tired of paying hefty fees

MyEfaxMachine-its in the cloud

“Yes, don’t get hacked get your fax….”

Frequently Ask Questions 

#1.  Is there limit to how large file can i send via eFaxMachine?

Currently,  There is a limit of  500 MB PDF per Fax, which is very high.  This can be increased.

 #2.  My friend, Elon , will visit Mars in 2024, can i send him fax there with this?
We cannot send Fax to Mars but You CAN send & receive fax from any country in Earth.
#3.  Can i use eFaxMachine from my mobile phone? 
Yes,  You can use this from any computer or any mobile device. 
#4.  I have never use efax  ever before… can i do this?
As long as you know how to use a computer & follow a step by step guide,  you will be fine.


MyEfaxMachine is a cloud base application platform that uses the Twilio Technology API's.  You can use myefaxmachine to save time and money when it comes to recieving and sending your important documents to and from your clients.  MyefaxMachine stores your documents in the cloud,,,,,,for easy retrieval and re-faxing.  No more desk organizer, folders or filling cabinets.

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The Key Benefits of Using MyEfaxMachine and Working With Us  


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